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Latest Issue of Sysco Foodie

Bring New Life to Your Tables with Superior Bacon & Lettuce 

Tasty sandwich featuring lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and cheese on a plate.

The BLT is a timeless classic, but today’s menus demand more. Our wide variety of bacon and lettuce allows you to rejuvenate its appeal. Made with fresh pork bellies and naturally smoked over hardwood, our bacon brings unrivaled flavor, while our crisp romaine maintains the highest quality freshness and higher yield. 

Together, we provide the ingredients to fuel creativity and deliver modern intrigue in familiar favorites. Whether you’re reimagining BLTs or enhancing existing menu items with premium bacon and lettuce, we have a match for any creation. 

Sysco Bacon: Bringing Home the Best  

Bacon – it sizzles, satisfies, and sells. 

Are you tapping the full potential of this menu staple? Not all bacon is created equal. Our wide range of bacon options can accommodate nearly any need. From our Sysco Supreme center cut to our Sysco Reliance end-to-end cuts, we offer the right bacon for every dish. 

Explore various cuts to suit your needs. 

Sysco Supreme: The true center-cut cold-smoked bacon absorbs more smoke for unmatched flavor and better crisping. Perfect for premium BLTs. 

Sysco Imperial: A center-cut bacon traditionally smoked with the ideal fat-to-lean ratio for excellent consistency. Ideal for breakfast platters, hearty sandwiches, and pasta dishes. 

Sysco Classic: A quality center-cut choice aligned with industry standards, utilize this bacon in breakfast buffets or bacon-wrapped appetizers for reliable results. 

Sysco Reliance: An end-to-end cut and a versatile option for any application – think chopped for salads, baked into biscuits, or sprinkled over Brussels sprouts. 

Let-tuce Elevate Your Offerings  

Grown in the prime growing regions of the U.S., our greens boast unmatched quality and flavor, delivering the freshness your dishes demand. 

 Handled with Care from Field to Walk-In 

• Fields are monitored and inspected daily. Lettuces are picked from the center of the field to avoid the dust and exhaust from farming vehicles. 

• Hand-harvested lettuce to ensure only quality heads are picked, two hours from harvest to coolers. 

• Outer wrapper leaves are removed for a better yield to the operator. 

• Ongoing inspections by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure industry-leading quality: Before Harvest | During Harvest | In Cooler | When Shipped | When Received 

Looking for more labor savers? Our triple-washed, pre-cut, HAACP-certified blends make vibrant bases effortless. 

Use them as is or blend with other vegetables like red cabbage or carrots to add color and texture. Our lettuce is also cut with a water jet, reducing rust and oxidation for more usable product, and longer shelf life. 

So, no matter what you dream up as your next innovation, know that our lettuce and leafy greens are more than just ingredients—they’re the building blocks for your menu offerings. Being HAACP-certified, they’re perfect for hospitals and senior living.