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Latest Issue of Sysco Foodie

Salads Around the Clock 

Delicious grilled steak served with peaches and blue cheese, a perfect combination

In the age of mindful eating, salads are a trendsetter packed with today’s hottest innovations. From ethnic inspirations to highly customizable builds, salads deliver the flavor, personalization, and nutrition diners crave. 

Chefs are cashing in, with salads driving profits and guest satisfaction across dayparts. Their versatility works for breakfast bowls, lunchtime, chef specials, and satisfying dinner options as menu options including meat varieties. 

Produce-focused and plant-forward, the vibrant colors and fresh flavors make salads Insta-worthy and approachable for herbivores and carnivores alike. No more relegating salads to side status. It’s time to redefine and maximize their profit potential. 

For Breakfast

Seize the AM Opportunity

Breakfast salads are hot right now and set the stage for a memorable Mother’s Day brunch. Consumers crave fresh morning options that energize, like arugula with jammy eggs, bacon, and pickled onions – or crisp greens with smoked salmon and avocado. On salads with ancient grain bases, top with berries and nuts or sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds. For a heartier option, poached or soft-boiled eggs or Greek yogurt can add some protein without overwhelming the salad. 

For Lunch

Craft Next-Level Signatures

Elevate lunch by playing with flavors, textures, and colors. Utilize common and trendy proteins like chicken, steak, and sustainable seafood or plant-forward options. 

Pickle and char vegetables for seasonal crunch and flavor. Toast nuts, seeds, and grains for satisfying bites, and dress to impress with lemon tahini, green goddess, or black garlic vinaigrettes. Artfully drizzle and garnish with Sysco House Recipe Hot Honey, infused oils, and microgreens. 

Flavor-Up with Global Ingredients

Entice more adventurous palates with globally inspired salads featuring less common ingredients like yuzu, ponzu, harissa, zhoug, preserved lemon, tahini, edamame, and ras el hanout spices. Blur the line between salads and bowls with bases beyond lettuce like cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, and roasted veggies for heartier, filling options. 

Add Texture & Brightness 

Flash-pickled and fermented toppings add tangy flavors and probiotics. Crunchy, creamy, crispy textures from slaws, toasted nuts and seeds, crumbled tortillas, and crispy chickpeas elevate each bite. Make it Insta-worthy with edible flowers, vibrant produce, and artful drizzling. 

For Dinner

Spotlight with Bold, Profitable Proteins 

Profitable proteins satisfy bigger appetites and drive repeat business. Get creative with protein preparations while remaining labor-friendly. Pack flavor and satisfaction with seared tuna, blackened shrimp, sous vide short ribs, and braised pork belly. 

Include plant-based options like crispy tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, and legumes. These please vegetarian diners while delivering margins as high as meat. Upcharge these proteins as add-ons to encourage customization and offer half portions to grow appeal. 

Make it Premium  

Encourage customization and boost checks by upcharging high-margin specialty ingredients. Components like elevated proteins and artisanal cheeses justify premium pricing. 

Made-in-house dressings and vinaigrettes let you highlight seasonal ingredients and global flavors in each batch. Get inspired by curries, peri peri, harissa, and chimichurri. 

Indulgent extras add perceived value, too. Crunchy bacon lardons, fried shallots, and stunning edible flowers all say gourmet. 

Suggest premium artisanal bread pairings for an upscale opportunity. Upgrade with specialty artisanal breads like Baker’s Source Naan, Pita Breads, Rustic French, or Ciabatta–handcrafted breads that perfectly complement boldly flavored salads.