April 14, 2023

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Market Headlines


The mahi-mahi market is stabilizing as excess inventories are being depleted while the new picture of this year’s harvest develops.

Frozen Potatoes

Expect frozen potatoes and French fry pricing to increase mid-April.

Shell Eggs

No new Avian Influenza impacts reported over the last couple of weeks, we continue to monitor the situation closely.


Shell egg markets continue to fall against soft demand. Block and Barrel markets are down. Butter Markets are down but overall tones remain steady. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal increases for the month of April. Processed egg quarterly adjustment for April will see some slight decrease in all categories.

Grains / Oil

Soybean oil moved higher with higher energy costs. US is now planting soybeans and corn, while South America is harvesting. Canola futures moved higher with strong exports. Palm moved higher on poor production and a rise in soybean oil costs.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Arugula Alert

Market higher as volume is on the decline from insect pressure and excessive yellowing at the field level forcing growers to walk past fields and not harvest at all. Organic Arugula is critically short.


Market is on the rise both east and west as Mexican regions start to shift, and Peru’s production has not ramped up due to high heat.


Market active, as supplies are expecting to be very tight the next 2-3 weeks with demand exceeding supply.

Broccolini/Baby Broccoli

Broccolini continues with extremely short supplies and warmer weather is needed to give product a kick start.

Cabbage – Red & Green

Market steady on both green and red, Salinas season expected to start in May.


Market jumped up quick on extremely light volume and demand currently exceeds supplies.

Cilantro & Parsley

Cilantro market has decreased with good supplies in Yuma and Mexico. Parsley good supply, demand is moderate. Some light seeder and yellowing reported.


Market is steady Coachella wrapping up but good volume in Oxnard reported.

Iceberg Lettuce

Market high and extremely active as growers are struggling to meet demand, expect the next 3-4 weeks to be the most challenging with some suppliers in better shape and some gapping due to previous weather events.


Suppliers are not meeting demand with Salinas crops delayed from the rain and Yuma volume winding down for the season.


Overall good supplies with very few supply disruptions. The market remains steady.


Rain in Texas and Mexico continues inhibiting harvest operations. Due to this situation, orders are being pushed back to the Pacific Northwest and will have limited supplies from this region. Colossal Yellow and Whites will be potentially gap.

Peppers –  Alert

Overall good supplies with very few supply disruptions. The market remains steady. East coast green supply is lighter Market looks to trend higher. Red and Yellow extremely short. West Coast – market is higher as Green supplies are lighter and expected to become very short.


Market firming up as supplies are light. Packers have been limiting production to stretch the storage crop out until new crop starts. Late snow and cold weather are delaying new crop planting which has growers concerned about a likely gap between the two.


Round, grape, & cherry availability out of FL and MX is steady with good quality reported both east and west. Roma market is tightening due to lighter than normal availability out of Mexico due to the reduced holiday production.



Mexico market is expected to remain stable leading into Cinco de Mayo. California harvest is picking up.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons – Central California is peaking large fancy, 115/95/75. Suppliers targeting smaller fruit on the coast to compliment the Central District. Small fruit, fancy and choice are snug now, but inventories are healthy on large fancy and choice across the board.

Oranges – Navel size structure is starting to shift, peaking 72/88, grading heavier into choice. Late varieties will be available in May.

Limes – Alert Market firm, growers are starting into new crop which has mostly small fruit. Expecting larger fruit to very tight until new crop starts to size up.


Supplies are increasing in Southern California, but not fast enough to meet demand which still exceeds supply. With Mother’s Day pull starting in two to three weeks berries will be in high demand well into May. There is no significant rain in the forecast, but temps are still below normal which is hindering production.


Production volume will start increasing week over week. Still a little tight this week at origin coming off the short holiday week in Costa Rica. Sizing will start to shift to large sizes. Market remains very tight still this week, not much extra fruit available.