October 6, 2023

Market Headlines


Almost half of the cow harvest is made up of dairy cows. This has been a critical make-up of the source for lean trimmings for grind programs. As we continue through the end of this calendar year there will be tight supplies.


Cooler weather in the south have allowed bird weights to increase which is causing an increase in availability of Jumbo product (Breast and tender meat).


Supply chain disruptions for the Tilapia industry are continuing to put upward pricing pressure on the global Tilapia market. The full extent of the damage is yet to be determined as suppliers continue to survey the damage.


Shell egg markets are adjusting, with some bearish activity. Cheese markets continue to decrease. Cream and Culture pricing will have nominal increases across the country for October.

Grains / Oil

Soybean stocks are higher than expected but lower than the last few years. Biofuel profitability is driving the soybean oil futures lower as producers are using less than expected. Canola oil is firm as harvest is nearly 75% done and Canola seed prices are cheap. Palm oil moved slightly higher with better production numbers.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates



Mexico production is steady and quality is good. Peru continues to keep overall inbound volume somewhat low, with most volume in the Standard/Large sizing.


Market holding mostly steady as volume continues to be light and demand remains moderate.

Broccolini/Baby Broccoli Alert

Supplies have been significantly impacted due to quality issues in the field reducing yields. Expect demand to exceed supplies for a few weeks.

Brussels Sprouts

Market will continue to remain strong into this coming week with no significant changes in the supply picture.

Cabbage – Green & Red

Supplies and quality good on both red and green. Market mostly steady on both.


Market trend looks to push higher. Overall supplies seem to be getting lighter many growers are subbing sizes to fill orders out.


Market is slowly improving as we move into a cooler time frame. Steady to slightly lighter supplies for shippers. Suppliers should be able to cover orders for the near future.


Cilantro moderate to light supplies with overall good quality. Parsley overall good supplies but Curly Parsley is the lighter of the two volume wise. No issues with supply or quality anticipated though.


East – Eggplant supplies remain very light; quality is good, and demand is strong. West – Supplies light, and strong market.

Green Onion Alert

Market starting to soften as supplies improve, still not out of the woods but should be able to keep up to demand a little easier this week and next.

Lettuce and Romaine

Market is trending lower in pricing with better supply on lettuce. Good volume on Romaine, market creeping up though as we head towards the transition. Romaine Hearts, market stronger as well, as suppliers begin to tighten up.


The market is steady, and the overall quality is excellent. We are moving closer to all supplies coming steadily out of storage.

Peppers – Red & Yellow –  Alert

East – Green pepper supply lighter, demand good, and market stronger. Red and Yellow bells are very short in supply. West – Green supply is good and moderate supplies of reds. Yellow bells remain very light.


Supplies are very good as supplies are coming in right from the field. Sizing and quality are looking good this year. Prices has begun to stabilize.

Snap Peas

Supplies are very light, and demand is stronger and exceeds supplies. Better availability looks to be a few weeks away.


East – Supplies good, quality good and markets lower. West – Supplies and quality good; market lower.


Markets are easing on round and grape varieties. Cherry and Roma volume remains stable. Quality varies among shippers.


Avocado Alert

Mexico -The size curve is balancing out with more 48s and larger; #2 fruit will remain short. California is done and Peru is winding down with only a few arrivals left for the season.


Supplies are very limited with Peruvian imports being down 60% from poor weather conditions. Volume will not improve until late October.

Citrus – Alert

Lemons Alert– Demand is high. The desert crop has started and is currently peaking on 140/165s. Imports have two weeks’ worth of arrivals.

Oranges Alert -Strong demand and tight supplies on small sizes 113-138’s, small sizes expected to remain tight through the Valencia season. Crop peaking on 72’s and larger. The market continues to strengthen on 88’s and smaller.

Limes Alert– Pricing remains elevated, however, demand has flatlined. Peak sizing currently consists of small fruit, including 230’s & 250’s; large fruit is scarce. Availability continues to decline week after week.


Supplies are starting to increase to normal levels. 5ct seems to still be a couple weeks behind. Quality good. The spot market is declining as more fruit becomes available.