September 16, 2022

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Market Headlines


High Pathogenic Avian Influenza is having its worst outbreak since 2015. Unfortunately, after a quiet couple of months Turkey HPAI cases have started to return. As of today, 6.1 million Turkeys have been lost


A new detection of Avian Influenza was found in a commercial chicken flock, servicing the shell egg market, and is reported to have housed 4 million birds, all of which will have to be depopulated by the U.S.D.A.


Both block and barrel cheese markets were higher last week despite flat demand and weaker exports. Butter hit a new record higher but expecting a retracement. Egg markets are higher with good retail and foodservice demand and also the impact of returning avian influenza.

Grains / Oil

Technical trading, again caused volatility for soybean oil, moving the market lower most of last week, but by Friday the market had bounced back. Crop scores changed little for soybeans. Canola is nearing 2-year low, and we are seeing farmers selling. Poor Chinese demand and huge oil stocks are moving palm lower.

To learn more contact your local Sales Consultant. Market Corner Produce information reflects both US and Canadian markets. All other commodity information is based on US market data only.

Produce Market Updates


Asparagus Alert

Market remains mostly stable to lower. Very little product is coming from Mexico and it is expected this to continue for the next 10-14 days.

Product from Peru remains steady in a supply


Market remains steady with good supplies on #1 fruit; however, #2 fruit is a little tighter but expected to improve.

Beans – Green – Alert

Market is active and weather continues to create production gaps limiting supplies in current growing regions, especially on the West Coast.

Cabbage – Green & Red Alert

US supplies steady on both red and green; however, red cabbage supplies could tighten up pushing the market up.


Markets stronger as suppliers start to see yields reduce and firm demand.


Steady supplies reported this week on cilantro with markets holding.

Cucumbers Alert

Hurt by the recent tropical storms in the West, cucumbers are in a very critical situation with an estimated 60% loss of current acreage out of Baja Mexico. East Coast supplies are better but experiencing stronger demand.

Eggplant Alert

East – Eggplant demand and supply steady. West Eggplant supplies will continue to be limited in an already very tight situation, the heat and rain in California are taking their toll on product.

Green Onions

Market remains in a critical demand exceeds supply situation. A hurricane this past weekend, disrupted supply, and quality even more. Shortages expected for at least 2 more weeks.

Iceberg, Leaf, and Romaine

The markets on iceberg, romaine, romaine hearts, and green leaf all remain in a demand exceeds supplies. After the heat this past weekend an into this week, we will see increases in puffy iceberg, internal burn, aphid pressure increasing and supplies dropping more than previously reported with all commodity and value- added packs are impacted.


A few suppliers continue to struggle with supplies as they are fighting the recent heat in the West. Markets this week reflect continuing supply struggles within the fresh mushroom industry.

Onions – Alert

Harvesting continues this week. Weather has also cooled off somewhat in onion territory. Onion size profile is on the smaller side this week, expect lower availability on Super Colossal and Colossal. Market is steady.

Peppers – Red & Yellow – Alert

East Coast – Red pepper market is strong, with active demand. Green peppers are steady with moderate demand. West Coast – Between the heat last week and rains over the weekend, market up on number one grade and off grades will follow. Growers continue to access recent damage.


Idaho market on larger counts continue to be strong due to demand exceeds supplies. The market on 80ct through 100 ct is seeing some decline.

Squash – Alert

East–Zucchini and Yellow squash supply strong in certain areas, quality good, and market lower. West– The zucchini and yellow squash category remained steady to a bit softer as supplies were flushing before this weekend’s rain. This market should start moving up again once the harvest resumes and the effects of the heat and rain are seen.

Tomato – Alert

Round supplies continue to remain limited due to high temps and previous rainfall; markets will continue to be elevated for several more weeks. Grape, Cherry, and roma markets remain stable both east and west.



Market remains steady with good supplies on #1 fruit; however, #2 fruit is a little tighter but expected to improve.


Lemons: Market is steady with a good mix of large fancy imports and California product which is heavy too choice grade mid sizes.

Oranges: Market is strong with limited supplies of 88-138 ct. California Valencia shippers are limiting their harvest to stretch out the season into October.

Lime: Market is increasing due to rains that are affecting availability. This will affect overall supply in the market. Peaking on Combo/ Choice Grade – very little to no fancy grade. It will be 2-3 weeks or more before we could improvement.


This market is steady, with the recent heat supplies are fair to good and could become active.


Supplies are light on large sizes due to seasonal low summer production and continued rainfall. Substitutions from 6 to 7 ct are taking place in some markets.