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Made with authentic spices and traditional chorizo, this slow cooked corn chowder delivers all the flavors of trendy Mexican street corn and is ready to use – ideal as both a stand-alone soup or a speed-scratch ingredient for dips, sauces, enchiladas, and more.

SUPC 7282546 | 4/4 LB

Why We Love This

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  • Crafted by chefs and made with premium, carefully selected, clean label ingredients.
  • On-trend flavor – Fun twist on popular street corn trend to meet growing consumer demand for global cuisines.
  • Time and Labor Saver – Speed scratch solution saves valuable time in the kitchen.
  • Skin-on enhances recipe potential, creating opportunity for golden brown and crispy texture.
  • Versatility – Great as a stand-alone soup, appetizer, sauce, or as a unique recipe ingredient.
  • Consistency – A consistent product each and every time, versus products made in house where variances can occur.