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Controlling Oil Costs

Improve oil life and food quality.

Controlling oil costs and usage is a huge opportunity in the kitchen. Check out a few ways to improve and extend oil life in your operation! 

Oil Options

Liquid Butter Alternatives (LBAs) are designed not just to replace butter, but to bring a robust butter flavor to a wide variety of foods and cooking applications without the need to refrigerate or clarify. Whether you’re used to using solid butter to help create delicate sauces or clarifying it for sautéing at higher temperatures, LBAs do it all at a consistently lower cost and with greater price stability vs. the fluctuating butter market. 

Pan and Grill Oils are made for flat-top grilling and griddling because they contain no salt, which can damage some grill surfaces. Whether searing a chicken breast or cooking your favorite hash browns, Pan and Grill Oils will help you get even browning, prevent sticking to cooking surfaces, and give your foods a rich, buttery taste. 

Premium Frying Oils accomplish something that few foodservice products do. They give you the most consistent food quality and simplify your operation, while at the same time lowering your food cost! Formulated for extended fry life, Premium Frying Oil like Imperial Fry-On® tend to last much longer than commodity oils. This is the secret to more consistent food quality, fewer oil changes, reduced packaging waste, and ultimately a lower true oil cost. Only Sysco offers the training, tools, and expertise to help you get the most out of your Premium Oil every single day of the year. 

Extend the Fry Life of Your Oil

The Sysco Classic Fry Oil Filter Pod is an all-natural, plant-based, easy-to-use oil-filtering solution for any restaurant with a fryer. It extends the flavor and life of your oil while saving on cost and labor.

The pods require no additional equipment and come predosed for one-time use, with the ability to treat fryers of up to a 70-pound capacity. Simply place a Fry Oil Filter Pod in your fryer basket at the end of the day, let it soak overnight, and then safely dispose of it the next morning when cool.