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Five Tips to Conquer the Holiday Season

Kitchen life is tough. Get through the holidays with your health and happiness intact.

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the day-to-day stress of the job and flu season is coming with it! Between the long hours, intense heat and the stress of keeping the line humming, how are you prepping for your health to combat the seasonal peak? Here are five tips to conquer the holiday season:

1. Prep your life like you prep your kitchen.

Create a routine for your week to keep yourself fueled throughout the day. Some chefs get so wrapped up with feeding other people, they forget to eat. Meal prep at the beginning of your week with healthy snacks and meals that will provide you with healthy sustenance throughout the day. Introduce a multivitamin and drink plenty of water to better prepare your body for flu season.

2. Don’t skimp on footwear.

A good pair of work shoes can save your feet and back through the long work hours. The stress of the holiday season may cause tension to build. Be proactive and invest in a quality pair of shoes to help prevent further aches and pains.

3. Balance your day.

Work quick breaks into the day. Between dayparts or before the rush, checking out for a half-hour walk, job, yoga or meditation session will help clear your head and reduce stress.

4. End your shift with a game plan for the next day.

Staying organized and developing a plan for your day will establish communication patterns with your team.

5. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

This one may not be the easiest between late-night closings to end-of-shift drinks. Make sure to build in recovery days to catch up on sleep. Sleep exhaustion is one of the leading factors in catching a common cold. Adopt a strategy to relax at the end of the day—listening to music, stretching, taking a warm shower—a tactic to set aside the day-to-day stress and have a peaceful nights’ sleep. Now go conquer the holiday season!