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How to Best Package your Take-Out and Delivery

Let us help you make certain that your food arrives in the same condition as it leaves your restaurant. 

How to best package your take-out and delivery: 


Keep the hot and cold items separate by using different compartments or delivery bags based on the product temperature. This displays your thoughtfulness for your menu items and your customer’s eating experience. Great packaging will ensure temperature control and customer satisfaction.   


Placement is essential to the freshness of your products. Experiment by using your takeout packaging, placing your top-selling items and beverages in your current packaging. Close the bags/packaging as if it was ready to get picked up. Set them on the counter for at least 20 minutes and then proceed to open it up to test the quality of the food. Can you make improvements or adjustments to your packaging? 

Ventilation is extremely important for crispy items like fries and chicken tenders. Make sure to perforate areas on the packaging for ventilation which will allow condensation and moisture to escape. If you do not have this packaging, cut holes and then retest.   


Many customer’s favor eco-friendly packaging with the increase in take-out and delivery. Recognizing your sensitivity for the environment by using this packaging, they will likely repeat with business.  


Confirm lids stay secure and in place. Selecting a lid that will not spill or leak during transit.  

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Place your customers mind at ease by using tamper-evident products. This solidifies trust in your restaurant, especially for first-time customers.  

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