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Tips for Building a Better Brunch

Tip #1 It all starts with planning 

It all starts with planning your menu and allocate the time needed for brunch service. Weekend brunch commonly starts at 11am and ends around 3pm. Your menu can provide breakfast and lunch options. Consider small plates, this will help increase check value by allowing your diners to order more of items they love from both menus or have always wanted to try.  

Tip #2 Add a “Splash” to make your brunch memorable 

Serve up a variety of innovative juices and mocktails for diners who are searching to add a bit of thrilling flair to their brunch menu. Offer fizzy spritzers and mocktails using ready to mix beverages like fruit and vegetable concentrates. This will fulfill their cravings for lighter beverages. Enlarge profits by additionally advising them to add a shot of their favorite liquor.  

Tip #3 Streamlining makes it all work best 

Streamline your service by offering a la care and prefix menus which will help simplify for your staff. Refining your menu will help your kitchen staff stay focused and inventory more accurate.  

Tip #4 What you serve makes all the difference 

High-value ingredients, particularly the center of the plate will help expand profitability by providing quality and value. Seafood is a very versatile protein for any menu. Peeled, deveined shrimp and pre-baked calamari can save you valuable labor and increase profits during serving time. 

Also, alternative cost-effective cuts of red meat and pork can be integrated into any menu and used to create stylish plate presentations. For ways to maximize cuts of meats on your menu, include ethnic recipes which can stand out on your menu and increase profitability.  

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