Portico Simply Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod

Cutting Edge Solutions is proud to introduce Portico Simply Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod, raised in the clear, cold, natural fjords of Norway. Choose responsibly sourced seafood and become a part of our commitment to a more sustainable future for Atlantic Cod.

Why Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod?

  • The increasing popularity of seafood has highlighted how consumers’ dining choices will have an impact on how we feed the future.
  • Portico Simply Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod yields a more predictable supply — a plus for operators who seek consistent availability year-round.

Features & Benefits

  • Raised in its natural environmental conditions to produce Atlantic Cod with a clean, delicate flavor and bright, firm texture.
  • Portico Simply Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod is once frozen to preserve freshness and retain its natural moisture.
  • A true labor savings solution as portions are individually quick frozen for minimal prep.
  • Our Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod is harvested with integrity to preserve a healthy marine habitat for future generations.

A Lifetime of Care

The cultivation of Portico Simply Farm-Raised Atlantic Cod requires meticulous attention and care. In optimal sea conditions, the process takes between 15 to 18 months.