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Sweet Street: Commitment to Quality

For the past 10 years, Sweet Street and Sysco have partnered in growing the dessert assortment to sweet success.

Since 1979, Sweet Street has produced on-trend gourmet desserts that not only taste great but are also made with clean ingredients. Considering the company’s success, it’s hard to imagine that founder and CEO Sandy Solmon, once a photographer, had not planned to join the food business. But after moving from Berkeley, California, to Reading, Pennsylvania, Solmon found the industry was a natural fit. “I understood intuitively that food was the glue that got us all to pause and talk to each other, and I love those moments of community and conversation,” she says.

Today, Sweet Street makes more than 300 desserts, from layer cakes and cheesecakes to bars and cookies. A shared love of delivering quality and flavor, focusing on innovation, and anticipating the market has helped Sysco and Sweet Street maintain a successful partnership for more than 10 years. “Both companies are committed to growing the dessert assortment, delighting our customers and making it profitable and successful for those mutual customers,” says Solmon.

Sweet Support

Sweet Street supplies Sysco with a range of desserts, including bestsellers like the individually wrapped Manifesto cookie bar line and the Pullman line. “We sell an incredibly large cross-section of products across all the Sysco locations,” says Solmon.

When Sysco asked Solmon and Sweet Street to participate in the Cutting Edge Solutions innovations platform, it was an exciting and logical next step in the partnership. “I felt our strategies were aligning in a new way. It’s certainly cultivated a different bond between us, because innovation is where Sweet Street shines,” says Solmon. The resulting Luscious Layers cake line features cheesecakes and layer cakes that look and taste great. “I would put the Banana Toffee Bourbon Cake up there as one of our masterpieces,” Solmon says.

Commitment to

Over the years, Sweet Street has anticipated and met market trends. When customers began asking for desserts made with healthier ingredients, Sweet Street obliged without compromising on taste. Today, the company’s products are made without trans fats, and the GMO-free Manifesto line is one of the company’s most popular.

Like Sysco, Sweet Street is deeply committed to safety and quality assurance. The company has extensive QA systems in place, from regular inspections to environmental monitoring. “Our entire team, from R&D to delivery, is quality-focused,” Solmon says.

In the end, it all comes back to creating high-quality, delicious desserts.
“People love to sell our products
because they make customers happy,” says
Solmon. “And that’s a great way to
build a relationship.”

Talk to your Sysco Sales Consultant to discover what Sweet Street products are available in your market.