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Plant Based Options

"Right now plant-based eating is the most talked-about foodTrend—and it’s one that has stickiness. Plants are here to stay,” - Chef Doherty

“RIGHT NOW PLANT-BASED EATING is the most talked-about food
trend—and it’s one that has stickiness. Plants are here to stay,” says
Chef Neil Doherty, Sysco’s Senior Director of Culinary Development.
“Consumers still want food that tastes good, but many are also looking
to food to be their fuel. They want their food to provide nutrition for
their body and they want to be empowered with menu choices that
support their personal sense of wellness—however they define it.”
As more consumers go green and pile their plates with plants,
Sysco saw the need to build more plant-based options into
its assortment.

Vegetarian entrée options have always been based around
vegetables and grains: stuffed squashes, tofu, pasta and rice dishes.
Now consumers are also looking for plant-based proteins that have
the taste, texture and satisfaction of meat. Sysco has responded to
the market demand by developing the certified-vegan Sysco Simply
Plant Based Meatless Burger Patty, which has a meat-like taste and
texture and can be used in all your favorite burger preparations. We
have featured it here in the Feisty Feta and Avocado Burger (pictured,
on page 6). Another new alternative protein, Sysco Simply Plant
Based Ground Bulk, has the same attributes as the burger and can be
used for preparations such as tacos, vegan meatloaf or wherever you
would normally use ground beef. Both products are gluten-free,
dairy-free and non-GMO.


Tropical jackfruit has a neutral flavor and dense texture that is perfect for replacing shredded chicken or pork.

Soy-based tofu has been the backbone protein of meatless dining. Sysco Simply’s version is both delicious and easy to prepare.

Seitan has the right texture to satisfy a versatile range of alternative meat offerings.

Whole or mashed, blended into
soups or folded into tacos, beans are always satisfying. Pair with rice for a
great balance of nutrition.