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Arrezzio: Be Simply Inspired

Sysco's Arrezzio brand offers the best in traditional Italian-inspired ingredients, with exceptional quality and robust flavors.

  • April 09, 2018

Few ethnic food categories feel quite as comforting as Italian—hearty soups and pastas, warm breads dipped in Arrezzio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wood-fired pizzas—foods that nourish the soul and satisfy with the comforts of home-style cooking. And with cool winter temperatures, consumers crave comfort foods more than ever. Sysco’s Arrezzio brand offers the best in traditional Italian-inspired ingredients, with exceptional quality and robust flavors that allow you to customize your menu and delight consumers.

“L’arte di mangiar bene.”

This food philosophy is widely embraced by Italian culture, which emphasizes a diet based on using a few simple, versatile ingredients to create nourishing, flavorful dishes; think a warm plate of uncomplicated cacio e pepe (literally meaning “cheese and pepper,” this dish consists of nothing more than fresh pasta, Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper), or a bowl of wild mushroom risotto served family style. Italian-inspired ingredients are designed to bring people together with simple, intentional cooking that highlights stand-out quality rather than complexity in preparation. With simplicity/back-to-basics ranked as one of the top 10 food concept trends in 2017 by the National Restaurant Association, there has never been a better time to simplify your menu.

A Hearty Balance

traditional protein like chicken or veal Parmesan, or a lighter seafood option like jumbo grilled shrimp, or a simple fish filet sautéed with butter and lemon at the center of the plate, hearty grain pairings such as pasta or a creamy risotto made with Arrezzio Arborio Rice can create a perfectly well-rounded meal.

Capitalize on the wide appeal of Italian cuisine to complement virtually any protein in any preparation. 

Versatile for any Trend

While Arrezzio prides itself on authentic, traditional flavors, the options to incorporate the hundreds of Arrezzio products and align with innovative market trends are endless. Italian flavors are finding their way into settings beyond the traditional sit-down restaurant, and in non-traditional styles of cuisine as well. Incorporate Italian cheeses, such as Arrezzio Fresh Mozzarella Ovolini and Riserva Parmigiano Reggiano, or meats into a fusion-style sandwich or flatbread. Choose from a range of convenience products such as Arrezzio Basil Pesto Genovese to boost flavors in fast-casual establishments.

Quality Over Quantity

Creating Italian meals that please requires a love for food and family paired with a commitment to the highest quality ingredients—characteristics that Sysco values above anything else. Sysco is committed to maintaining the most stringent standards in terms of quality, consistency and food safety—utilizing the largest and most active Quality Assurance department in the industry.