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The Perfect Burger

One menu item that is always in style is burgers, and whether operators offer traditional cheeseburgers or truly customized creations, they can also be highly profitable as part of an overall menu mix.

The first step to creating the perfect burger is to start with quality meat from Fire River Farms. Their product assortment includes fresh ground beef and premade, ready to cook or frozen patties that offer freshness, flavor, and consistency that meets guest demands and ensures operators can manage food costs and profit margins more effectively.

Fire River Farms also offers a variety of different shapes, from the classic round shape that offers a traditional look to smashed or homestyle shapes that give a more handmade appearance, perfect for creating artisan-style burgers. 

Features and Benefits of Fresh Ground Beef 

· Saves time, labor, and the cost of equipment needed to grind in-house. 

· Available in a variety of lean points and pack sizes for application needs and ease of storage. 

· Sysco’s Quality Assurance program provides full product traceability in an uncompromised cold chain, so you can confidently serve the freshest and safest ground beef to your guests.  

Features and Benefits of Pre-made Patties 

· Made from 100% premium-quality beef.

· Frozen with an individual quick-freezing method for superior flavor and freshness. 

· Processed using tender form technology to deliver a tender, distinctive bite and juiciness that has all the quality and taste of a premium burger with faster cook times.

· Available fresh vacuum packed or individually quick frozen (IQF) to preserve freshness and trouble-free storage. 

· Labor savings! Pre-formed in many styles and ready to cook, saving valuable back-of-the-house labor.