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Unlock the Secret to Great Takeout!

While the dine-in experience continues to make a recovery as on-premise restaurant traffic increases, guests still desire the overall convenience of delivery and takeout. There is also an increased interest in take-home meal kits, family bundles, as well as meal subscriptions and grocery items. Changing work patterns, complicated schedules, and fatigue from preparing meals at home have created a service model that is rooted in guest convenience and continues to be in demand. Sourcing the right packaging is now more important than ever to maintain the quality and integrity of meals and preserve the guest experience all the way home.

Remember, your reputation is in that box…

Chef Neil Doherty

Senior Director of Culinary Development

Sysco has a large selection of containers, cutlery kits and disposables that will help ensure your guests have a better and safer takeout experience. In addition, our EarthPlus brand offers a variety of eco-friendly packaging that appeals to more conscious consumers. Earth Plus Classic Paper Takeout Cartons are designed to resist leaks and grease, are great for transporting meals, and come fully assembled and ready to use to save you time, allowing you to package food for your customers without a mess. These cartons also feature proper ventilation to reduce condensation while maintaining the integrity of the product inside. Say goodbye to soggy and cold food as SAVRpak introduces space-age technology that is changing the takeout game. This revolutionary moisture-removing pack easily adheres to to-go packaging and removes water condensation, keeping foods crisp and ready to eat.  To complete the packaging, Sysco Reliance Cutlery Kits contain a heavy-duty fork, knife, and spoon, alongside a napkin and salt and pepper packets that are perfect for carry-outs, drive-through service, catering, and events.

“Remember, your reputation is in that box,” Chef Neil Doherty, Sysco’s Senior Director of Culinary Development says. Let Sysco help you “package with a purpose” to capture curbside and takeout business, boost image, and increase overall guest satisfaction.