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Extreme Burger Makeover! Flipping Burgers into Benjamins

The undying popularity of home renovation shows speaks to how passionate we are to improve and transform real estate. Flipping houses has become an opportunity to turn over property and increase profits. The same is true of the culinary landscape as well. Hamburgers consistently rank among Americans’ favorite foods. Now take that winning combo of beef and bun and rework it, take it up a level, and you’ll find guests are willing to spend a little extra on what they consider an upgraded specialty sandwich.

The first step to creating the perfect burger makeover is to start with quality meat from Fire River Farms. Fire River Farms product assortment includes fresh ground beef as well as premade, ready to cook or frozen patties that offer freshness, flavor, and consistency. Sysco’s Fire River Farms Classic homestyle seasoned beef patties are tender-formed for fast cooking and an extra-tender bite. They are individually quick frozen for superior flavor and freshness, and allow you to cook straight from the freezer. Fire River Farms Bulk Ground Beef allows chefs more opportunities for customization when blending, sizing and seasoning their burgers. Fire River Farms Classic fresh 81/19 ground beef chubs help you create juicy recipes with the quintessential ground beef flavor and texture. Plus, bulk chubs let operators use what they need and then store the rest thanks to the extended shelf life for economical inventory control.

Once you’ve got your great patty, now is the time to branch out and have fun with your buns. With so many specialty breads and rolls available, it’s easy to create a signature offering with a specific texture and flavor profile. Next comes the cheese. Studies show that cheese not only drives satisfaction and crave-ability, but also has a significant effect on the perceived quality and value of a burger. While traditional choices like American, cheddar and Swiss still reign supreme, bold new flavors like smokey-char or high-heat varieties bring added value along with a spicy kick. Softer cheeses such as Gouda or Havarti have an ideal melt that can also take burgers to a whole new level. Fresh produce is also integral to building a good burger, adding layers of color and texture with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. But adding unique ingredients like pineapple, beets, pickled vegetables, avocado, pico de gallo and fresh peppers is a great way to justify specialty prices and create bigger profit margins.

“In a great burger, you taste the whole thing together, but you can still make out each ingredient individually. If you can nail that balance, you know you’ve got something special,” says Chef Neil Doherty, Senior Director of Culinary Development.

Whether operators use fresh or frozen products, chefs can create dishes with confidence knowing Fire River Farms Classic beef patties are backed by a full HACCP program and Sysco’s unparalleled Quality Assurance standards. Fire up the grill, flat top, or charbroiler and get ready to win over guests, drive new sales and improve your bottom line with this great American classic.