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Warm Up to Profitable Opportunities with Soups & Chilis!

As temperatures fall, nothing is better than a bowl of soup to warm us from the inside out. Whether light or hearty, soup is the ultimate comfort food, delighting and nourishing your guests and nourishing your bottom line! Soup is easy to make and is a great way to cross-utilize product and use up leftovers or surplus ingredients. It costs little to prepare and allows room for a nice profit. Plus, creativity can shine with exciting new combinations and flavors that will not only satisfy the palates of guests craving new culinary adventures but easily adapt to different dietary lifestyles and encourage repeat visitation as well. Soup is also an ideal takeaway food – convenient, highly portable and stays hot without losing quality.

Sysco has a great selection of ready-to-use soups and chilis featuring high-quality ingredients that deliver on traditional and on-trend tastes. Classics like Sysco Imperial Baja Chicken Enchilada Soup and Sysco Imperial Tomato Basil Bisque are full of hearty flavor, with a made-from-scratch, homemade taste that will delight guests; yet are easy to prepare. Sysco Imperial Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup and Fully Loaded Potato Soups are ready-to-use customer favorites that offer consistent quality in every batch. These soups require simple heat and serve preparation, saving you time and labor. Our wide variety of concentrates, bases and broths provide the perfect foundation to create rich soups, chowders, chilis and sauces that offer quick and easy preparation and take operational strain off the kitchen. Sysco Imperial Beef Base is a rich and hearty beef base crafted from oven-roasted beef and the finest premium ingredients, easy to prepare and dissolve in boiling water, and is perfect for creating rich, savory soups and stews with an elevated, artisan taste.  With endless versatility, broad guest appeal and operational ease, it’s time to take your soup program to the next level and start ladling out additional profits!