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The Unicorn of Clean

Sysco Works Magic with Cleaning Solutions

As we grow closer to the second anniversary of the Covid “shutdown”, there is no denying the disruptive force COVID has had on the foodservice industry and the long-term impacts that continue to shape future trends. The good news is pent-up demand for dining in and reconnecting is driving an increase in on-premise traffic. And while both customers and guests have grown weary of all the messaging around Covid-19 and proper safety and sanitation, it’s more important than ever to continue to be vigilant. Sysco and EcoLab have partnered to provide Keystone high-performance cleaning and sanitizing products along with unmatched service, solutions, and expertise to help foodservice operators reduce risk across their operations. Motivated by key challenges like unprecedented labor shortages, high turnover, and constant training of new staff members, Keystone products are also designed to save time, effort, and reduce the burden for a labor force with increased responsibilities.

Optimize your operations with the Keystone Ultimate warewash program. This program helps reduce the need for rewash and hand-polishing, increasing the efficiency of your dishwashing process.

Keystone Greaselift is a grease-eliminating formula that’s low-odor, doesn’t require gloves or goggles and is safe on aluminum and other soft metals.

Keystone Surface Cleaner Sanitizer RTU cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces with a single product, eliminates the rinse step, and equips your staff to clean more efficiently.

Keystone Ultimate Manual Detergent attacks tough food soils while feeling soft on the hands and helps reduce water consumption by up to 75%. Feel confident as these products will help your operations achieve a higher level of efficiency, consistency, and sustainability of clean.

In tandem with Keystone’s great safety and sanitation products, Sysco’s new Complete®360 is a coordinated line of tissue, towel and napkin dispensers, and disposables that maintain a focus on hygiene, efficiency, durability, and elevated design. It delivers on the unique needs of foodservice operators, and the standard of service patrons expect.

Complete 360 automated touchless and mechanical hardwound roll towel dispensers boost hygiene and efficiency while cutting down on service interruptions, towel waste, and lost maintenance time.

Our well-designed Tabletop and Tower Napkin Dispensers offer the right balance of dispenser size, napkin size and capacity, and usage control to meet patrons’ needs while controlling waste and costs.

Complete 360 High Capacity Coreless Tissue Dispensers are easy to maintain and store, and help reduce waste by eliminating cardboard cores, meaning every roll can last longer for fewer service trips. Prevent cross-contamination and minimize the spread of foodborne illness with the Complete 360 Surface Sanitizing System.

This wipe and closed-bucket system enable operators to use their preferred sanitizer and create a custom hard surface wet wipe, ideal for both front and back-of-house applications.

With a wide range of products, the Complete 360 line helps keep your staff on-task and your operation running smoothly.