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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history of the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S.A. It is a big focus as this month highlights contributions by Hispanics to the foodservice industry.  

September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.  A national celebration of the cultures and contributions of American citizens with Hispanic root s.The month of September holds significance to certain Latin American countries that celebrate their independence, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile. National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th – October 15th. 

What does Hispanic mean?

While many people will use the words “Hispanic” and “Latin” interchangeably, these terms describe different groups. The term Hispanic is a reference to persons of Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry, while the term Latino refers to anyone of Latin American origin or ancestry, including Brazilians. 

Impact of Hispanic Culture on the

Foodservice Industry 

From kitchen and waitstaff to some of the most prominent Chefs in the U.S. – Hispanics play a leading role in the American culinary landscape. 

The Hispanic population in the U.S has reached a staggering 56.5 million people, making this the largest minority group in the U.S. They play a critical role in the restaurant world as both leading consumers and the industry’s primary workforce. Hispanic chefs also play a pivotal role in creating demand and excitement for Hispanic cuisine as notable Hispanic chefs bring cultural awareness to the masses while encouraging diversity in the kitchen. 

The overwhelming cultural influence from the Hispanic population has also fueled the demand for dining experiences that incorporate rich flavors with Hispanic roots. Consumer preferences reveal that Hispanic-style options ranks 3rd in popularity across the U.S, proving that even non-Hispanic consumers are demanding more multicultural options. Restaurants of all types have noticed and begun to incorporate innovative menu options that cater to the rising demand for the rich culinary influence of Hispanic flavors. Reports show that 25% of the top 500 restaurants in the country now offer some form of tacos on their menu. (Source: Technomic) 

In just about every corner of the country, on menus from coast to coast, the influence of Latino and Hispanic cooking can be seen and tasted. We are a major part of the food revolution in America, from chefs and cooks to servers to business owners and diners.

Award-winning Chef, Hugo Ortega, a valued Sysco Customer

El Restaurante Magazine Summer 2017 Issue

Sysco Supports Hispanic Cultures 

Sysco is committed to celebrating Hispanic cultures, from the flavors and cuisines represented in our product assortment to the meaningful relationships that we’ve built within the Hispanic community. 

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, Sysco is a proud to include over 75 Hispanic-owned businesses. These Suppliers are responsible for the production of nearly 100 items within the Sysco Brand family. Sysco is dedicated to continuously exploring opportunities to grow our partnership with Hispanic suppliers that can bring authentic, quality ingredients to our customers and communities.  

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage

Month with Flavor 

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by spicing up your menu with the rich culinary influence of Hispanic flavors. Sysco is proud to provide authentic ingredients from a variety of Hispanic cuisines through our brands Casa Solana and Sysco Pica y Salpica. 

Casa Solana offers the essentials of Southwestern cuisine with a broad line of ingredients and prepared entrees that offer chefs across the culinary landscape the flavor and fun of this region. Casa Solana products include staples like cheese sauces, spices, and salsas, to ready-to-eat options like burritos and tacos. 

Our Sysco Pica y Salpica brand offers authentic Hispanic ingredients from Mexico, Central, South America, and beyond. These mouth-watering products bring adventure to every plate with flavors and aromas as diverse as the cultures that inspired them. 

Hispanic-Inspired Recipes 

Add new flavors to your menu throughout Hispanic Heritage Month with these traditional recipe favorites created by our innovative Sysco chefs. 

Tortas Ahogadas

A popular dish in Guadalajara, Mexico, is known as the “drowned submarine sandwich” due to its unique characteristic of being drenched in a sauce made primarily of chile de árbol.  

Blue Corn Tlayuda

A traditional Oaxacan dish that features a large, thin, blue corn tortilla lightly fried and topped with black beans and flavorful vegetables.