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Baker’s Source

The smell of freshly baked bread evokes an array of positive emotions: the comfort of family, the happiness of home.

It’s no wonder baked goods form delicious bookends for so many meals—beginning with warm, crusty rolls and ending with a luscious dessert. With Sysco’s Baker’s Source brand, you can choose from a variety of tempting par-baked, fully baked and ready-to-bake goods to go with every daypart.

Convenience Is Key

Baked goods are the perfect convenience food. No matter what kind of operation you run, these days, customers want to be able to stop in, grab a bite and go. Our specialty baked goods, including pretzels, bagels and brioches, make this especially easy. Our mini and bite-sized products are perfect on-the-run snacks for any time of day. Sandwiches made on our ciabatta or batard breads or our new, on-trend Hawaiian Brioche Bun can be wrapped and ready to go in minutes.

Make the Most of Morning

The fastest-growing daypart in 2018 was breakfast, and the trend is expected to continue in the year to come. Customers crave croissants, muffins and morning breads of all kinds. But most operations don’t have the staff to make breads and baked goods from scratch. That’s why Sysco is your go-to for elegantly wrapped Baker’s Source Imperial Tulip Muffins, irresistible frosted cinnamon rolls and much more. You brew the perfect cup of coffee, and we’ll do the rest. Nutritious and Delicious Fresh-baked whole-grain breads are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. In fact, a recent study found that moderate consumers of carbohydrates have a lowered risk of mortality. We understand that today’s diners are interested in wellness and wholesome ingredients. That’s why, among our 600 products, Baker’s Source offers a range of nutritious breads, including whole-grain, barley and wheat berry breads, such as our Ancient Grain Roll. Wheat-free and sugar-free options are also available.

The Sweet Spot

Preparing dessert is a time-consuming specialty. Baker’s Source offers options that work for every daypart, from lunch to snack to after-dinner desserts. Try our easy-to-prepare Fudge Brownie Mix or frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for casual sweets that can be taken on the go. Use Baker’s Source Puff Pastry Dough and Angel Food Cake as blank canvases for your own creative seasonal fillings and toppings, such as custard, chocolate ganache, caramel and fruit. Baking from scratch can be labor-intensive and add to your kitchen staffing needs. With muffins and brioches to brighten your morning service and cakes, cookies and pastry to round out the night, there is every reason to make Baker’s Source your trusted partner in the kitchen.

Sysco Brand QA Promise

Our Sysco Brand products meet the most exacting standards for safety,
reliability and quality. All Sysco brands are backed by the largest Quality Assurance department in the industry.

FRESH new look, SAME great brands

You may notice that our brands look a little different. Driven by our companywide commitment to more sustainable operations, and new FDA regulations on clear and clean labeling, our products’ packaging now features a fresh new look. Rest assured that no matter what changes on the outside, the quality and consistency you’ve come to rely on remain the same.