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Brand Spotlight

Citavo Coffees and Teas: Savor The Moment

Sysco’s coffee and tea brand, Citavo, has some exciting changes in store that will be all the buzz this year.

Citavo Coffees and Teas

In addition to a logo and packaging makeover, the Citavo brand, known for its robust selection of coffees, cocoas and cappuccinos, now includes hot and iced teas. From early morning until late into the night, Citavo beverages will have your customers savoring the moment with every sip. Brewed beverages are profitable menu drivers that go beyond what’s in the cup to deliver comforting sensory experiences. On average, consumers savored three cups of coffee a day this past year, with consumers ages 18 to 34 spearheading growth in the category, according to Technomic. Iced tea is another favorite, with 25 percent of foodservice consumers ordering it daily.

Tea Up

The Citavo line now includes a wide range of iced and hot teas to add to your menu. More consumers are choosing hot and iced teas over sugary carbonated beverages for their halo of health, their glow of globalism and potential for endless personalization. Add flavored iced teas like Citavo Imperial Raspberry or hot teas such as Citavo Imperial Green Tea as healthier choices for during or after the meal. Use Citavo Imperial Black Unsweetened Iced Tea as a blank canvas for creations that mix mashed fresh fruit and herbs, such as mango, peach, mint or basil.

The Big Chill

Cold brew is one of the fastest-growing beverage categories on the market, with growth approaching 50 percent last year, according to Datassential. Our Citavo Imperial Cold Brew Concentrate makes it easy to embrace the trend. Conveniently packaged in resealable, shelf-stable compact cartons, Citavo Cold Brew just requires the addition of water, meaning you can serve it to guests on demand or prepare a batch in the morning for the entire day. Although cold brew by itself can be priced at a premium, you can realize an even greater profit when you add custom flavorings such as vanilla, mocha, caramel and hazelnut.

Crafted With Care

If you are looking for a coffee with consistently great flavor, Citavo offers a choice of top-quality brews you can count on. From Citavo Imperial 100% Colombian to French Roast and Kona Blend Coffees, all Citavo coffees and teas are overseen by Sysco’s Quality Assurance team, the largest in the industry, to guarantee transparency, safety and the best-tasting beverage experi- ence. In addition, Sysco has its own Master Cupper, who samples each batch to ensure every brew is up to par.

Sysco also offers sustainably sourced coffees that benefit the environment and positively impact small family-owned farms. Grown, sourced and roasted with care and attention, these include products such as Citavo Supreme Single-Origin Guatemala Blend and Costa Rica Blend, as well as Certified Organic Dark Roast.

New Look, Same Great Taste

  • As Citavo unveils new packaging to reflect a more modern aesthetic, its commitment to the time-honored tradition of quality and expertly grown coffees and teas remains steadfast. No matter what kind of opera- tion you run, Citavo’s coffees, hot and iced teas and cocoas have a place on your menu.
  • Sysco Brand QA Promise Our products meet the most exacting standards for safety, reliability and quality. All Sysco brands are backed by the largest Quality Assurance team in the industry.

Ask your Sysco Sales Consultant about Citavo products that are right for your operation.