Succulent Lobster! How do I prepare thee? Let me count the ways!

Portico brand offers a wide assortment of lobster to fit on nearly any menu

Portico Seafood Brochure & Inspiration Guide

The Portico brand consistently delivers quality seafood options to your kitchen. We are committed to offering products that meet operator needs and provide a memorable experience to all of your guests.

Seafood Recipes to Dive For!

All Natural Chemical-Free Shrimp

Offer your customers the clean, crisp, and the natural taste of seafood with these chemical-free shrimp that deliver maximum freshness, flavor, and versatility.

Seafood 101

Do you know where your salmon is raised? Learn how wild-caught and farm-raised salmon differ from one another in our Seafood 101 series. Visit the Sysco Foodie YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for tips, trends, and great recipes from our talented culinary team!