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COVID-19 in Foodservice

Keeping Up With the Shifting Business Climate

Let us help you sift through all of the information available to ensure that you have what you need to stay in-the-know.

The COVID-19 crisis has now reached a new critical phase where public health systems need to act decisively to contain the growth in new areas outside China. Undoubtedly, the key emphasis should be on containing and mitigating the disease itself. But the economic impacts are also significant, and many foodservice companies are trying to understand, react to and learn from this rapidly unfolding crisis.

There are different degrees of preparedness across our industry; to support you in your efforts we have compiled the following resources to keep you informed and in the know.

Understanding The Impact On The Consumer

So far, 62% of consumers have taken some form of general action in response to the virus. The most common action, undertaken by almost 47%, is to have stocked up essential products. Read more in the link below:

How COVID-19 Affects The Foodservice Industry & How To Meet The Challenge

The concern over COVID-19 will likely exhibit some, if not all, of these behaviors: the public will be advised to avoid large crowds resulting in less social interactions and leaving their home less frequently. Consumers are also expected to increase their use of 3rd party delivery apps with fewer in dining experiences. Here are a few resources to help you learn more about the impact on the foodservice industry.

Tips & Suggestions To Increase Business

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