Product Summary

Gochugaru Chile flakes are core components of Korean cooking.  This spice offers a fruity, smoky profile with a touch of spiciness that is approachable for a heat-wary diner.  When combined with the citrusy sweetness of real orange powder, the result is amplified fruit notes alongside a pleasing heat.  This seasoning is beautifully aromatic, adding a full-sensory experience of color, scent, and bright flavors to any dish.

Features and Benefits

  • Spiceology® Orange Gochugaru Chile Seasoning is made with real orange and freshly ground spices, with a fruity, smoky profile and a mild heat.
  • Sweet, citrusy, and spicy, this blend is extremely versatile and adds a complex flavor ideal for Korean cooking and pairs well with chicken, pork ribs, briskets, barbecue, stir fry, and more.
  • As the global food culture continues to grow, this seasoning offers an easy way to incorporate an ethnic flair into your dishes.
  • Made in small batches and packed fresh to ensure consistency in every dish.