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Sustainably sourced from local family owned farms, this oil is 100% pure and made from premium upcycled mature avocados. With a mild, delicate taste and neutral flavor, it won’t overpower dishes and works beautifully as a finishing oil. It’s high smoke point also makes it great for frying and high heat cooking.

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  • 100% pure, all natural, made from premium mature avocados sustainably sourced and upcycled from local family owned farms
  • Mild, delicate taste, with a neutral flavor that won’t dominate your dishes
  • Great as a finishing oil, but with a high smoke point, can also be used for frying and high heat cooking
  • High in monosaturated fats and oleic acid, rich in antioxidants, and non-GMO
  • Expeller pressed extraction – no harsh chemicals or solvents used to extract or refine the oil