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Tips for Tackling Takeout and Delivery

As off-premise dining becomes an ever-greater slice of restaurant revenue, more operators are getting in on the takeout trend. Here are four tips from our Business Resource experts for how to do takeout and delivery right.

Be Mindful About the Menu

“Dishes on your takeout menu should be quick and easy and should travel well,” says Mike Sniffen, Director of Business Resources at Sysco Baltimore. Sniffen advises developing a limited menu just for off-premise. Most French fries don’t travel well, although Sysco Imperial Ultimate Crisp Heavy Battered French Fries have a special coating that allows them to stay crispy on the ride home.

Perfect the Packaging

“The most important thing an operator can do is investing good-quality packaging,” says Steven Goll, Director of Business Resources at Sysco Western Minnesota. Both Goll and Sniffen recommend black containers with see-through lids like those made by Earth Plus. The containers look great, hold temperature and have compartments for hot and cold foods. The products you choose should also be strong and leak-resistant.

Market Your Services

The rise of off-premise dining has turned the tables on the restaurant industry. These days, diners want to enjoy great restaurant food in the comfort of their own homes, and they’ve grown accustomed to dialing it up at a moment’s notice. In fact, 38 percent of today’s restaurant traffic is off-premise, according to Restaurant Business News. Take out is not right for every restaurant. It can disrupt the flow of in-house dining, and third-party delivery companies take up to 30 percent of the meal price in commission. We spoke with Sysco experts about how operators can grow their takeout and delivery business without losing control over quality and revenue. Here’s what they had to say. Goll suggests promoting your to-go menu on colorful cards that you can include with the bill or keep by the register. Sniffen recommends that every takeout business set up online ordering. Once you do that, he says, don’t forget to update your menu, whether it’s on your own site, UberEats, Yelp or Google.

Create a Combo

With takeout orders, desserts and appetizers tend to fall by the wayside. Sniffen advises operators to create combo specials. “Three courses for $20. That’s soup or salad, plus a main course, and don’t forget dessert.” You can’t go wrong with a Sysco Imperial Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Ask your Sales Consultant about Sysco products and solutions for your takeout and delivery business.