Plant Based Meatball

Packed with 100% plant based protein, Sysco Simply Plant Based Meatballs elevate any recipe. These versatile and satisfying meatless alternatives readily accept different sauces, from a traditional spaghetti to unique multicultural twists like Korean glazed or chipotle blend. Containing 14 grams of protein per 3 meatball serving, these plant based meatballs provide hearty choices for vegan and vegetarian applications, making the choice simple.

On Trend

The demand for plant based proteins is on the rise. 70% of meat eaters are substituting a non-meat protein in a meal at least once a week. (Mintel). As the consumer demand continues to increase so does the need for more options for operators that are flexible and fit into their existing menu selections.


Use the Sysco Simply Plant Based Meatball to create unique and innovative multicultural dishes. Create hearty choices for vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian applications.



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