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Cargill: Committed to Safety and Innovation

Cargill has been providing Sysco with high-quality ground beef for more than 15 years.

Founded in 1865, Cargill has grown from a grain-storage business to a multinational giant, providing the world with agricultural goods and products. It also supplies the high-quality ground beef for Sysco’s Fire River Farms brand, including bulk grind and patties, fresh as well as frozen. Cargill is the exclusive supplier for Fire River Farms Imperial Natural Grass-Fed Ground Beef, which currently comes in frozen patties and will soon be available in fresh bulk to meet growing demand.

Constant Innovation

“Cargill has been producing Fire River Farms ground beef for more than 15 years,” says Travis Vest, Corporate Account Manager at Cargill. “And we will continue to invest in our relationship with Sysco. We have recently added a specialist to our team who concentrates on nothing but ground beef products.”

While more mid-range restaurants are embracing fresh patties in place of frozen when making burgers these days,“it doesn’t need to be an either/or proposition,” says Tony Neuman, Customer Marketing Manager at Cargill. There is a time and a place for both, according to Neuman. Frozen patties can reduce waste and the chances for spoilage. Sysco’s patties are flash-frozen at the height of freshness to preserve the quality and taste.

[Cargill is] constantly innovating and developing new products and ingredients that bring quality and value to the customer.

Yale Lary

Quality Assurance Department Manager, Sysco

Our Safety Commitment

When it comes to ground beef, safety and quality are the primary focus for both Cargill and Sysco. All Cargill and Sysco trucks that transport fresh meat are equipped with time temperature recorders that certify the temperature “never goes above 40 degrees, and the cold chain is maintained from when the beef leaves Cargill’s dock until it reaches your back door,” says Yale Lary, Quality Assurance Department PQM (Product Quality Management) Manager at Sysco. “Cargill is helping us to be a leader in the industry for food safety,” says Lary.

“Cargill micro-tests all of our ground beef and has state-of-the-art traceability systems so if they have to pull back a product, they know exactly where everything is before it even reaches the customer,” says Lary. Beyond their top-level safety and cold-chain controls, however, says Lary, “They are early adopters of technology, such as an online quality verification system, and they are constantly innovating and developing new products and ingredients that bring quality and value to the customer. They even helped Sysco develop our own proprietary beef blends, including our pre-seasoned beef patties.”

When you place a sizzling burger on a bun or serve your signature sliders to a diner, you need to feel confident in the meat’s safety and quality, as well as its great, consistent taste. Cargill and Sysco have combined forces to make Fire River Farms the best on the market.