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S&D Coffee & Tea

Quality, consistency and market savvy are all hallmarks of this Sysco supplier.

Whether it’s a much-needed cup of joe in the morning or a refreshing iced tea in the afternoon, it’s all about finding the right drink at any time of the day. That’s where S&D Coffee & Tea comes in. Founded in 1927, the company has grown and adapted over its 92 years in business, but one thing has remained constant: a focus on quality. From hot and iced coffee and teas to powdered cocoas and cappuccinos, S&D supplies a variety of products for Citavo, Sysco’s coffee and tea brand.

Market Savvy

S&D has been quick to adapt to the ever-changing beverage industry. Its flexibility and industry insights have been primary drivers behind the company’s success. “We’re here to bring our extensive experience and business insights to Sysco, so Citavo’s assortment of coffee and tea products can continue to meet the changing trends and dynamic nature of the business,” says Helen Griffith, S&D’s Vice President of Marketing. One of those insights on changing trends has been the enormous growth of cold coffee beverages, which led to the recent introduction of Citavo Imperial Cold Brew Concentrate.

Quality First

S&D has always been committed to quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, according to Griffith. To ensure that all Sysco specifications are met, the company conducts a series of rigorous checks. That means sampling the product multiple times throughout the process. “When we’re purchasing coffee for the Citavo line,” says Griffith, “we sample the coffee when it leaves the country of origin and when it gets to port. We get a sample at our dock, and then we take another sample after it has been roasted. It is all about ensuring that it meets S&D and Sysco’s stringent quality requirements.”

Sustainable Sourcing

With an eye to sustainable sourcing, S&D created its Raíz Sustainability platform, designed to create a resilient supply chain through origin-specific programs, helping farmers improve agriculture and business practices. “The supply chain can be fragile, especially at the point of origin,” Griffith says. “It’s all about resiliency: How can we as a company help make this supply chain more resilient today so it is still there for future generations?”

Closer to home, S&D works with both local and national nonprofit organizations. That commitment to community and the future of the environment aligns perfectly with Sysco’s own values and priorities. “We really enjoy working with Sysco and look forward to helping expand their beverage portfolio and bring more choices to their customers,” Griffith says.