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Chef Nora Galdiano

Culinary Consultant Nora Galdiano of Sysco Central Florida is always up for a challenge. “All the experience I have under my belt helps me to perform my best here at Sysco,” she says.

When asked about her favorite part of working at Sysco Central Florida, Nora Galdiano is quick to answer: “Cooking. I live and breathe cooking.”
As a Culinary Consultant, she’s able to put that passion—and the experience built by working everywhere from country clubs to fine dining restaurants—to good use when she helps customers address any challenge they face.

Kitchen Consultations

To ensure successful Customer Reviews, Galdiano works closely with the Customer Service and Will Call departments to procure the necessary products. When it comes time for the actual review, “the magic happens,” as Galdiano puts it. Using ingredients chosen by the customer, Business Resource Consultant or Sales Consultant, she prepares a variety of dishes, all selected with individual needs in mind. “Each customer has to be approached differently, according to their own needs,” Galdiano says. No matter what dish is being prepared, Galdiano explains the preparation method, plus different ways to cook and plate the products. She also helps with recipe and menu development.

Galdiano’s impact doesn’t end with the food—it includes anything that can help customers operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. “We provide expertise in kitchen configuration, placement on the line, equipment, mise en place,” she says. “We strive to help our customers be successful in all aspects of their business.”

Diverse Cuisines

To Galdiano, cooking is something that comes to her naturally. Still, she constantly hones her skills and seeks out new ones by reading magazines and connecting with fellow chefs. “I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Hawaii,” she says. “But being a chef in a diverse industry means you need to be proficient in different cuisines to accommodate all tastes and palates.”

A Job Well Done

Through it all, one thing has stayed the same: a love of cooking. “I love the adrenaline rush of the kitchen, the challenge of coming up with a dish, prepping it and seeing the finished product,” she says. More than that, she delights in putting her skills to work for customers: “The ultimate goal is to make sure their needs are met.”

Ask your Sysco Sales Consultant about Sysco’s Business Review program and how our chefs and consultants can bring more value to your business. We strive to help our customers be successful in all aspects of their business.