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Bridging the Digital Divide

In the rapidly growing era of digital marketing, learn how to create a cohesive image between physical and digital presence for your restaurant.

In this era of ever-increasing digital engagement and online ordering, the importance of creating a cohesive and symbiotic relationship between your physical and digital presence is critical. Nothing’s more negative to your operation than failing to correctly portray your business beyond brick and mortar.

With a little effort, restaurants can tweak their digital presence to accurately reflect their physical presence for a more all-encompassing expectation of the dining experience. For example, posting photos of your food, beverages, and bar on Facebook only go so far; it’s important to go a step further. Be sure to integrate all digital touchpoints like your website, social media, and Google Business profile to depict additional features of your establishment – and make sure they are all consistent and aligned.

Show customers other benefits of visiting your establishment such as your trendy storefront, comfortable dining room, appealing outdoor dining, and convenient mobile pick-up/ drive-up zones. This provides more transparency into the entire expected dining experience, beyond what’s on the menu.

Restaurant operators experiencing business troubles often hyperfocus on food cost, labor, and fixed costs as the root of the problem, but it’s possible that customers may not be choosing your restaurant simply because they do not know what to expect when dining there.

In a survey completed by Datassential, Gen Z & Millennials stated that they rely on social media more to determine where to eat rather than what to eat. In fact, more than half (56%) of the surveyed customers stated they have visited a restaurant or café because they saw something on social media that prompted them. Therefore, promoting more visibility into your operations atmosphere, dining experience, and location in addition to sharing menu details will help diners make more informed decisions and hopefully select your restaurant over others.