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Salad dressings that work harder for you.

Classic build salads are in favor again as we have a new population of young diners who have not enjoyed a Green Goddess, Caesar or Cobb salad the way the Boomer generation has. A revamp or refresh of the greens or dressing can further the appeal to the younger generation.

Look to twists or +1’s on base dressings to increase the distinctiveness and interest on the menu to drive a traditional build. Caesar dressing + sriracha or lime juice could appeal to emerging ethnic populations and create a new pull and demand for a classic salad.

Sysco Offers Dressings That Work Harder for You

Both the Sysco Classic and Sysco Imperial brands offer the core varieties of Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Italian Vinaigrettes and Honey Mustard. It is important to acknowledge these aid in efficiency and key volume.

Although they may represent small opportunities, consumers are looking for differentiated and interesting flavors. By simply adding House Recipe Hot Sauce to our Imperial Blue Cheese Dressing you have now created a Buffalo Blue salad dressing. 

Salads continue to evolve and consumers are now seeing salads beyond the traditional leafy side or entrée salads. Using super foods such as quinoa as a salad base will help add distinctiveness to your menu. Consider sharing the growth of unique ingredients and how legumes can be transformed. Tropical flavors are in favor as the Hispanic and Asian-American populations grow. 

LTO’s are a great opportunity to infuse more flavor into your menu and create a cycle of innovation to meet the demand of consumers. Remember that Buffalo Blue salad dressing? That can be crossed utilized as a dipping sauce for wings and chicken tenders, or it can be a signature sauce on a grilled chicken sandwich. Flavor combinations and applications are limited only by your imagination! 

With top-selling flavors available in a variety of pack sizes and quality tiers, Sysco has the product offering to accommodate your specific needs. All Sysco Brand dressings meet the highest quality assurance standards, offer excellent consistency and have more flavor inclusions, such as herbs, seasonings and chunks of cheese. 

In addition to timeless favorites, Sysco provides a variety of flavors, including Sysco Imperial Blood Orange Shallot Vinaigrette, to help you capitalize on the latest consumer taste preferences!