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Buyers’ Guide to Beef Patties

Fire River Farms delivers delicious ground beef, both bulk and patties, precooked and raw, with superior quality assurance.

Hamburger patties are one of the few food items that distinguish restaurants from its competitors. Over 42% of consumers have a preferred restaurant they go to for burgers, and with competition for every food dollar fierce, operators need to choose their beef patties wisely.   

Buying Burger Patties

Buying pre-formed beef patties, fresh or frozen, helps maintain consistent quality in burger offerings and also helps save labor costs. There is a wide breadth of ground beef patties available and many key factors to consider when purchasing burger patties: type of beef, lean point, size, shape and fresh or frozen.

Lean Points

The most purchased ground beef lean point for burger patties are 80/20 ratio meaning the meat is 80% lean and 20% fat. The leaner the meat, the less the patty shrinks, but the fat adds beefy flavor and juiciness. For many chefs, 80/20 is the ideal balance for a burger. There are other lean points to consider like 75/25 or 85/15. The 75/25 meat will be juicier but more greasy, while 85/15 is a little healthier but has a tendency to dry out. 

Grass-Fed Beef Burger Patties  

Another way to differentiate burger is by featuring premium patty options such as the grass-fed beef burger patties.

study from the Nutritional Journal reviewed decades of data, and found that grass-fed beef is higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants and has overall lower fat content. Also, differences in the fatty acid composition of grass-fed beef gives the meat a distinct flavor and unique cooking qualities.

Due to these nutritional benefits and unique flavor of the meat coupled with a surging demand in sustainable beef, consumers are willing to pay premium for menu items featuring grass-fed beef.  

Sysco offers a large selection of ground beef patties in Fire River Farms. From grass-fed beef to various sizes and shapes, Fire River Farms has the selection of ground beef patties you need to build a burger that elevates your menu.