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The Versatile French Fry

Eaten by themselves, french fries are a crispy, savory treat. But when dressed with the right seasonings and paired with a tangy sauce or dip, they become an elevated taste sensation.

Coated for Crunch

“One reason our Sysco Imperial Ultimate Crisp and Sysco Imperial Phantom Fries are hugely popular across the board is their menu versatility,” says Jim Mosley, Product Manager at Sysco. Both the Ultimate Crisp and the Skin-On Phantom have a special coating that retains crispness. This has a wide range of benefits, whether you want your fries to cling to a sauce or to each other as part of a loaded fry concept, poutine or nacho build. It is especially helpful if fries make up part of your takeout or delivery menu and need to maintain their crunch on the ride home.

Dressed to Thrill

According to Bruce Barnes, Menu Consultant at Sysco, more operators are pairing the humble fry with upscale dipping sauces and exotic spice blends or seasoned salts. “Harissa fries, chipotle fries … you can get a couple dollars more per serving as an appetizer or a side when you add the right seasonings,” Barnes says. “It’s super-easy, and because the french fry is an inexpensive product, the margins are great.”

Drizzle fries with fresh herbs and feta cheese for a halo of freshness and health. Use them as a blank canvas for ethnic flavors, such as West African, Greek or Japanese; go upscale with black truffle salt or turn up the heat with a squeeze of Mike’s Hot Honey or a dusting of Frank’s RedHot® Dry Seasoning, a Sysco-exclusive product.

Fries on Top

Different Sysco fry products, such as our Sysco Imperial Potato Chip Skin-On Recipe Choice and Sysco Imperial Waffle Fries, can also be used in a wide variety of applications, adding crunch on top of salads and even burgers. Fries also make a great soup topper, providing both texture and a bit of hearty flavor.

Ask your Sysco Sales Consultant about Sysco’s wide range of fry options and applications.