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Grillin’ & Chillin’ for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day give Dad the gift of chillin’ and grillin’ from his favorite restaurant. Picture a warm, sunny day with family, perfectly seasoned meats, seafood, and crisp vegetables with an ice-cold beverage in hand. Stand out and make the most out of this grilling holiday by preparing in advance and following these simple, but unique tips: 

  • Offer Family Grilling or Meal Kits 
    • Make it easy on mom and capture the popularity of family takeout meals by offering grilling or other meal kits that include premium meats, seafood, and prepped vegetables. Create value by including House Recipe steak sauces or Sysco Imperial Mccormick seasonings. Don’t forget the dessert! Meal kits are a profitable solution for any type of operation and require minimal labor. 
  • Order in Advance/Pre-Sale 
    • Encourage customers to order curbside pickup a day or two in advance to beat the long line on Father’s Day. Pre-sale orders will not only add convenience for customers, but also help with planning holiday inventories. Provide an added courtesy by opening dedicated takeout areas early for customers who order in advance. This will create a buffer for the back-of-house and takeout service by staggering order fulfillment.  
  • Guarantee Availability 
    • Don’t let your customers take chances with what’s available in retail! The popularity of steaks for grilling presents a great opportunity for restaurants to guarantee availability. Where grilling season peaks in the summer months, offering restaurant quality steaks to your customers can be received as a perfectly timed solution. 
  • Provide Cooking Instructions 
    • Place a buzz card with culinary tips for preparing and grilling the perfect steak. Preparing a meal at home like a professional chef can take the grilling experience from a normal backyard activity, to a special day that dad will remember. 
  • Promotional Offers 
    • Many families will want to treat dad to brunch or a night out with the family. Attract dine-in guests with BOGO promotions, or feature multi-course meals that include dessert. For takeout, consider meal kits paired with cocktail kits or growlers. Drive additional traffic and build customer loyalty with gift card giveaways or a free appetizer on the next visit.