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More than 50% of consumers surveyed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) said they’d purchase a meal kit if their favorite restaurants offered the option. When Millennials and Gen Z were surveyed, the percentage skyrocketed to 75%! Give customers the convenience of restaurant-quality meals at home with a selection of meal kits with easy-to-follow preparation instructions. Add even more value and excitement by pairing your meal kit with a virtual event like cooking classes, virtual celebrations, and more. Meals that travel well, such as pasta-based dishes and traditional center of the plate favorites with all of the ingredients to create sides to accompany them, are prepackaged essentials for the holidays. Offering an opportunity to be “Chef for the Day” will give customers a fun activity to share with their families.


Family-style meals are not just a great option when serving comfort foods to families – they are also cost-effective and efficient to execute in an off-premise dining program. Some operators have found success by creating a separate, limited takeout menu that offers a few select items. By giving customers the option to select from a variety of entrees, sides, desserts, and optional add-on ingredients – you’ll increase the speed and efficiency of front-of-the-house operations while reducing labor in the back of the house. Easily assembled meals can provide operators with an effective method of fulfilling consumer needs while driving sales.


Do you have a specialty holiday drink menu? Why not create a cocktail kit for your customers to enjoy at home for the holidays? Include drink mix instructions with your cocktail kits or offer a virtual tutorial led by your bartender that guests can access through a QR code on your website. Delight dine-in guests by offering after-dinner drink kits pre-packaged and ready to take home. These can be promoted online and in-house with support from our Marketing Services Team, or create your own in Sysco Studio. Start the holiday experience with your signature drinks and finish it with a house specialty dessert – or make it a dessert to-go to fulfill consumer needs and drive sales.

According to the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, 53% of Millennials (and 35% of off-premise customers) are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers alcoholic beverages with their takeout order. And since the pandemic’s start in March 2020, 70% of full-service restaurant operators added alcohol as a to-go option due to overwhelming consumer demand.

*Please check with your state and local laws for to-go alcohol sales guidance.