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Add Cold Brew to Heat Up Your Menu

The hottest trend in coffee is ice cold—cold brew, that is.

This year, cold brew appeared on nearly 4 percent of U.S. menus, according to a recent food trends study, which represents a 44 percent increase from the previous year.

Once the best-kept secret of hard-core coffee nerds, cold brew, with its smooth taste and high-octane kick, has clearly made it to the mainstream. While traditional iced coffee is made using the standard drip method, the cold brew process requires steeping ground beans in cold or room-temperature water for an extended period. This time-consuming process makes cold brew more concentrated, giving it a less acidic taste and higher caffeine content. Cold brew has made its way from craft coffeehouses to national restaurant chains, where the drink is quickly becoming a staple. Chefs and restaurateurs are drawn to its
versatility, as it can be served black, mixed with
milk and sweeteners, enhanced with flavored syrups,
or infused with spices.

Cold brew coffee is now widely available in shelf-stable, prepackaged units such as bottles and cans. This also offers an easy way for restaurant operators to incorporate cold brew into their menus.

Whip up your own beverage concoctions using Citavo Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, Sysco’s new cold brew coffee. Conveniently packaged in compact cartons, it comes ready to serve with no special equipment or preparation involved, aside from mixing with cold water.

Citavo concentrate provides a simpler and faster alternative for operators looking to get into the cold brew game without the time-consuming process of brewing it from scratch.