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How to Build the Right Dessert Menu

One of the best ways to increase check averages is to sell more desserts. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With increasing emphasis on the practice of “self-care”, guests are feeling more indulgent and want to treat themselves with a sweet delight. Here are some terrific ideas on how to build the right menu that will help you run a successful dessert program year-round!

The optimal dessert menu will feature the following flavors:

  • Cheesecake – With a smooth, rich, creamy texture and delicately sweet filling, cheesecake provides luxurious flavors that are easily garnished and customized.
  • Chocolate – The Bedrock of any dessert menu! A true feel-good food, chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats in the world. Try a dark chocolate dessert or one made with white chocolate, milk chocolate, or some variation.
  • Citrus – With increasing demand and continued growth, citrus provides a lighter option to heavier flavors. A great alternative to chocolate, citrus is very refreshing and can be used in many different applications.
  • Berry – Be it tarts, pies, cobblers, or even fresh, berries are on-trend. With vibrant colors and natural sweetness, berries add great flavor and texture to a wide variety of tempting treats.
  • Seasonal – This is an operator’s chance to capitalize on seasonal flavors, show variety and create a unique dining opportunity. Ingredients like pumpkin, apples, cranberries, eggnog, ginger, and peppermint are easily the star in the fall and winter. Lighter, seasonal produce such as lemons and berries are perfect in the spring and summer when their flavors are at their peak.
  • Nuts – Growing in popularity, nut offerings add a rustic appeal and present a huge range of flavors and textures with a different crunch and crackle depending on the variety. Pecans, peanuts, and almonds are the most popular varieties on dessert menus, while roasted peanuts, candied pecans, hazelnuts, and pistachios are among the fastest-growing.