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Your Top 5 Questions Answered

What is Sysco Doing To Support My Business?

Sysco is working around the clock, both local and corporate teams, to develop resources to help our customers navigate
the current global health pandemic. Visit the COVID-19 Foodservice Hub on Foodie.Sysco.com to find support materials with information and ideas about shifting your business to new revenue streams and pivoting to takeout, delivery and curbside service models. Additionally, we are continuing to develop support materials for operators who are moving toward reopening their doors for traditional service and how to resume operations under the new and quickly changing mandates. Your Sales Consultant is another great resource to discuss options that will work best for your unique business.

What suggestions does Sysco have for how to serve customers for upcoming holidays?

As the economy gradually reopens and evolving mandates allow for more businesses to open their doors – often with limitations and social distancing practices in place – operators should prepare for takeout and to-go to be the primary method for serving customers during these traditionally busy foodservice holidays. Once you’ve developed a limited holiday or family meal pack menu that’s themed to each occasion, you’ll want to promote it far enough in advance to give customers time to plan and place orders. Posters, banners, social media posts, and website banners are effective ways to reach your customers during this time. Additionally, allowing customers to pre-order helps with inventory planning, reduced unnecessary labor expenses, and lower ticket times

Can Sysco help scratch-made kitchens find value-added items to save on labor?

Sysco has many great speed-scratch products that help reduce labor without sacrificing flavor and quality. Hand-cut fries
are time-consuming and don’t usually travel all that well in delivery, so consider a frozen fry option with maximum crispness properties like our Sysco Imperial Ultimate Crisp fry. Soup bases, pre-cut produce, par-baked breads, and heat and serve meats like our Butcher’s Block pulled pork can be great versatile products that help fill in gaps and require minimal labor. Ask your Sales Consultant about speed-scratch products in your local assortment that can help your business.

What are some ideas to help my business stand out from everyone else?

Social media is your biggest ally right now – it’s everyone’s main line of connection to the rest of the world. If you do not have a digital presence or are not active on it, you are missing opportunities to drive local sales. And while social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are no-cost platforms, paying nominal fees to boost your posts to local zip codes to increase exposure to your community can help gain a new customer base. Additionally, look for local food-focused Facebook groups and community pages to join and post your offerings. Get creative with your meal packs, too; include a couple rolls of toilet paper, thank you cards, and coupons to increase customer-perceived value. Also, don’t forget to talk about the measures you are taking to keep your operation, employees, and food safe for your customers. This boosts confidence in the safety of your business.

Can Sysco help with a menu for those running on a skeleton crew?

Yes! Sysco’s Menu Services is working overtime to help customers with this very issue. Our team can help with every aspect of the menu – from streamlining it to your best sellers, helping you conceptualize and price family packs, and make your menu as efficient and appealing as possible. This may entail using some items that are ready-made (you will have to pick and choose your battles) as these items will bring consistency with minimal labor. To find out how our Menu Services team can create value-added materials for you, call 1-800-380-6348, email info@syscomenuservices.com or ask your Sales Consultant for details.