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Meet Meatless Grilling

Leave out the meat. Keep the flavor. Deliver iconic grilled taste to satisfy customer cravings for more meatless options.

Bring bold flavor to meatless dishes with McCormick for Chefs® flavor solutions that reduce back of house prep time and deliver awe-inspiring flavor, with or without the grill.

Upgrade Your Alternative Meat Burger

39% of Americans are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods¹. Because 67% of people perceive plant-based foods as healthy², customers are on the hunt for more meatless offerings.

Give customers a burger that’s the opposite of boring with nutrient-rich chickpea patty. McCormick® Grill Mates® Mojito Lime Seasoning brings flavor to this health-filled meatless main any time of year.

Deliver Hearty and Healthy

50% of consumers want restaurants to offer a wider variety of vegetarian entrees⁴. Enhance your meatless menu with vegetables that can own the spotlight at the center of the plate.

Lawry’s® Chipotle Cinnamon Rub transforms charred cauliflower into an intense appetizer with a slow burn that your customers will keep coming back for.

Catch Seafood Cravings

72% of consumers globally are moderating, limiting or avoiding meat³. Seafood and globally inspired dishes can help keep menus robust and protein-packed, even without more traditional meat options.

Just a few simple ingredients brought to life by Cattlemen’s® Memphis Sweet® BBQ Sauce creates this refreshing glaze that transforms seafood or meatless dishes into Mediterranean masterpieces.

Bring the Heat to Your Vegetables

38% of operators are adding vegetable centric dishes⁵. Since 84% of customers agree vegetables are key to a healthy diet², turn up the heat on your sides by making sure they deliver irresistible taste that’s vegetarian-designed and meat lover-approved.

The smoky heat of McCormick® Culinary Chipotle Chili Pepper combined with smokehouse maple flavor create this delicious seasoned butter for grilled corn on the cob.

Create Your Signature Sauce

Unique, signature sauces take menus to another level. Start with one tablespoon of McCormick® Culinary Lemon & Pepper Seasoning and add in one cup of creamy dressing for vegetable dip, hummus for a new appetizer option, or spread for a perfect compound butter.

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