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Beef Solutions That Lead to a Pot of Gold!

Although brisket is one of the least tender cuts of beef, this tough chest muscle can be positively transformed into a deliciously satisfying meat with incredible flavor and tenderness when braised, smoked, or slowly roasted. Whether served as barbecue, corned beef, pastrami, braised beef, or pot roast, brisket has staked a permanent place on the American menu. With great crossover appeal, it can easily make an appearance in other culinary cultures including Korean, German, Thai, British, Pakastani, and Vietnamese cuisine. With St. Patrick’s Day and Passover soon approaching, now is the perfect time for operators to beef up their menus with this versatile product.

The traditional Irish dish of Corned Beef and Cabbage is the culinary centerpiece for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Block & Barrel Raw Deli-trimmed Corned Beef Brisket is cured in a special brine to preserve tenderness and flavor. Ready to cook, this product is perfect as your center of the plate entrée, or you can easily slice for sandwiches and appetizers.

Passover is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday and serving brisket on the menu is a true holiday tradition. For those not inclined to cook, restaurants offering a Passover menu or featuring a feast-to-go will please many guests who want a special meal for a Seder or family dinner without the stress of cooking and cleaning.

The following Certified Angus Beef®Brisket products have passed ten quality standards including marbling, maturity, consistent sizing, quality, appearance, and tenderness to earn the CAB® distinctive brand label. With quality you can trust, Certified Angus Beef® Choice Brisket and Certified Angus Beef® Prime Brisket burst with flavor when braised, roasted, or smoked at low temperatures. They are also great for sous vide cooking. An added bonus, this product requires minimal trimming, so it’s a great labor-saver in the kitchen.

Whether this delicious tender beef is served as the centerpiece of a holiday meal or used in sliders, tacos, nachos, pizzas, soups, pasta, sandwiches, and more, brisket can be a profitable addition to any menu.