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Nothing Fishy About $

Seafood is making a splash this winter season. Many consumers are looking for meatless options for the Lenten holiday, while others want more healthy menu options and have an increasing interest in locally sourced and sustainable seafood. Whatever the preparation, whether as an elegant fine-dining signature entrée or tried-and-true comfort food, shrimp, fish and shellfish dishes should have a starring role on your menu.

Asian White shrimp are prized for their larger size, firm bite and sweet flavor. With an infinite variety of preparations, they are also an easy choice for chefs looking to add shrimp on their menus. Portico Classic and Imperial White Shrimp are farm-raised with no hormones or antibiotics and individually quick frozen (IQF) to prevent freezer burn and preserve freshness. Available peeled and deveined, in both tail-off and tail-on formats, they can be boiled, baked, sauteed, steamed, grilled, and barbecued with any number of spices, seasoning and sauces to create signature dishes.

Packed with protein, nutrients, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, salmon has a tender texture and a mild to rich flavor. Salmon pairs well with a wide variety of bold marinades, spices, seasonings, and sauces and can be prepared in recipes that cross the culinary landscape, from a classic teriyaki glaze to green curry and beyond. Another extremely versatile fish, Tilapia has a dense, firm texture and a mild flavor that adapts to nearly any cooking tradition, embracing Asian, Italian, Mexican and other culinary influences throughout the world. Portico offers a variety of domestic and Norwegian Salmon and Tilapia fillets that come individually vacuum packed to retain moisture and preserve freshness. Salmon has a relatively high oil content with a pronounced flavor that can be combined with specific flavor profiles, for example – barbecue, while tilapia is mild and adaptable to nearly any savory flavor. Portico Seafood comes in a variety of quality tiers to help the customer choose what level they need for their application and price point. These include Portico Pride, which features specialty fresh and chilled seafood items; Portico Simply, which offers the highest quality of frozen all-natural seafood, with no added chemicals and zero percent added moisture; Portico Imperial, with frozen high-performance seafood products with low levels of added moisture that are better than the industry standard at an exceptional value and Portico Classic, which delivers quality frozen seafood products with some added moisture that is equal or better than leading industry brands at the best value.

Chefs can serve with confidence knowing Sysco’s unparalleled Point Source Inspection System ensures that our seafood is traceable to the source, delivering consistent quality and integrity every time.

And while many restaurants fall back on traditional choices such as salmon, tilapia and shrimp, there is also huge opportunity for operators to create more interest in their seafood lineup with recipes featuring swordfish. With a dense, meaty texture and mildly sweet flavor, swordfish makes for a hearty meal. Swordfish serves as an excellent source of protein and is loaded with niacin, potassium, selenium, vitamins B-12, D and E, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids. Endless versatile, swordfish is also the perfect blank canvas to create signature offerings, pairing with just about any sauce, marinade or topping and easily seared, roasted, broiled or grilled. Portico Simply Skinless Swordfish Steaks or Boneless Skin-On Swordfish Steaks contain no added water or chemicals, which allows for better searing and results in minimal shrinkage. Each fillet is also individually vacuum packed to prevent dehydration and improve shelf life. For menu inspiration, click any of the recipes below: