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Wouldn’t You Rather be Chillin’ After Grillin’?

The good news is pent-up demand for dining in and reconnecting is driving an increase in on-premise traffic. But now more than ever, guests are much more aware of the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting practices of the restaurants they visit. With labor shortages still impacting the food service industry, operators need products that are focused on efficiency, including cleaning and sanitation supplies. They need to be easy to train on and use, easy to dispense and refill, and reduce overall steps in cleaning procedure. Sysco’s Keystone brand, a partnership of Sysco and Ecolab, has put a focus on providing solutions that save time, cost, and labor for your operations. Because wouldn’t your kitchen staff rather be chillin’ after grillin’, versus spending so much time cleaning the kitchen?

Keeping the flat top, fryer, and grill clean is crucial: It limits the transfer of flavors and smells and increases the life of your cooking oil. They can be especially difficult to clean, but here are several ways Keystone can help you keep these areas spotless while saving your staff time and effort.

For the grill, Keystone Greaselift is a PPE-free product, which means personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles are not necessary. It’s as effective as the more harmful corrosive degreasers, but has no harmful and unpleasant order. With Keystone Express Fryer Cleaner, there is no hot liquid involved, and it’s quicker than doing an entire boil-out. No PPE is required, so it is much safer for staff and reduces fryer downtime. It’s also non-caustic and safe on aluminum.

Keystone’s High-Temp Grill Cleaner is a truly innovative product that works while the grill is still hot and requires no rinse, helping reduce grill downtime. 

Saving time and reducing effort is critical to keeping your back-of-house operation running smoothly. Keep your kitchen clean with Keystone!

Ask your Sysco Sales Consultant about which products would work best for your business.