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Is Your Chicken Acting Saucy?

Chicken is an endlessly versatile protein that works deliciously well with a variety of marinades, rubs, and sauces. But when you think of barbecue, we often think of proteins like brisket, pork, and ribs. Chicken doesn’t always come to mind. However, according to Datassential, one of the leading food and beverage market research and intelligence platforms, chicken is the most popular protein on menus paired with the term barbecue. In addition, more boneless chicken preparations, including chicken breasts and tenders, are appearing in barbecue dishes at restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for a marinated or all-natural, non-marinated product, Sysco has what it takes to be successful in the kitchen, each and every day. Sysco offers a variety of Splits, Leg Quarters, Wings, Breasts, and Tenders in both the Classic and Reliance tiers that provide quality products with superior texture and great flavor. These products are also conveniently controlled vacuum packed in sealed bags for optimal freshness. It’s the perfect time to take this humble yard bird and let your creativity shine with signature offerings that showcase the marriage of flavors of chicken and barbecue.  Sauces and marinades are great ways to customize recipes and play a big role in barbecue and grilling flavor trends.

Regional preferences have often dictated styles – think sweet and smokey tomato-based sauces in Kansas City, the more vinegar and mustard-based options in the Carolinas, or even the salt and pepper rubs, smoked with different woods, that define Texas-style barbecue and sauces. Barbecue sauces are also expanding into areas with different fruits and spices, as well as “boozy” concoctions made with spirits such as bourbon and whiskey. Asian influences are also factoring into barbecue sauces, with the spicy, sweet flavors of Korean BBQ branching out over menus.

Whether chicken is served bathed in barbecue sauce, stuffed in a sandwich, paired with other meats on a platter or even added into bowls, tacos and soups, this versatile protein with limitless sauce and seasoning combinations is sure to inspire new menu creations.

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