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Liquid Gold: Oils and Shortening

A trusted menu option, French fries allow operators the opportunity to craft signature dishes that not only showcase their flavor creativity but also deliver high profits as an ultimate side order. Crafting the perfect French fry – crispy on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside – takes quality potatoes and high performance, clean frying oil or shortening.   

Sysco has a great selection of high-performing oils that deliver consistent quality and value, ideal for frying up perfect batches of French fries!

Sysco Imperial High Oleic Canola Oil has a high smoke point and delivers superior fry performance and maximum fry life with a clean flavor profile.

• Sysco Classic Clear Liquid Frying Oil is a blend of conventional canola oil, high oleic canola oil, and conventional soybean oil that was blended to be competitively priced while also providing high performance.

Fry-On Zero Trans-Fat Canola and Corn Oil Blend is a proprietary blend of high oleic canola and corn oils that is designed to last longer in the fryer, saving money by reducing oil use in food preparation.