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Make More Cheddar with Cheese:

A hot salty tortilla chip dipped in queso. A steaming bowl of rich, meaty chili topped with shredded cheddar cheese. A toasty grilled cheese sandwich made with creamy sliced Monterey Jack. Let’s face it, cheese makes everything taste better. This humble dairy product adds flavor, texture, and great mouth-feel to almost anything. Sysco carries a wide variety of delicious processed and natural cheeses in a range of formats that deliver 100% yield, valuable labor savings, and work in endless menu applications.

Big Game Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a big basket of tortilla chips alongside a bowl of creamy queso. For the perfect snacking staple, try Casa Solana American White Queso Cheese. It has a consistent, creamy flavor, smooth texture, and melt, plus a longer shelf life compared to natural cheese for great economy and inventory control.

During the winter months, a piping hot bowl of soup or chili easily warms the senses and the soul. Get creative with different toppings and garnishes that can take it to the next level.  Crunchy toppings like corn chips, crushed potato chips, crackers, croutons, spiced nuts, or toasted breadcrumbs are delicious on top of creamy soups. Shredded cheeses also work great with chilis and creamy tomato or potato-based soups. Try Casa Solana Cheddar Jack Shredded Cheese or Mild Cheddar Shredded Cheese for a high-quality taste with reduced prep time and easy clean-up.


And what goes better with soup than a buttery, grilled cheese sandwich. Both Block & Barrel Sliced Monterey Pepper Jack Cheese and Sharp Sliced Cheddar Cheese have a creamy, full-bodied flavor and come pre-sliced for convenience. You can also kick these sandwiches up a notch by using a variety of different breads, like sourdough, hearty grain and other artisan varieties, and adding ingredients like candied bacon, tangy pulled pork, or caramelized onions and mushrooms. No matter the pairing, grilled cheese and soup selections are sure to be fan favorites every guest will love.