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According to Datassential, sandwiches are found on 73.2% of restaurant menus, ranking #2 on the list of most common entrees on menus today. And while there are multiple ingredients that make a sandwich great, from the meats and cheeses to the veggies, sauces, and condiments, equally important is the type of carrier you choose. The right bun can add flavor and put a new spin on a classic. But in today’s tight economic market, with a growing need to focus on efficiency and control costs, making homemade breads and buns has become too labor intensive for food service operators. Sysco has the right solution with a wide selection of delicious Baker’s Source thaw and serve buns and rolls that deliver fresh baked taste with minimal prep and labor, ideal for creating the perfect sandwich build. Frozen at peak freshness to immediately seal in the moisture, this process preserves the shape and appearance of the product while helping maintain the baked dough structure and moisture levels inside. When you slack them out, these buns and rolls taste as fresh as the day they were produced. Plus, you can pull only what you need, reducing waste and saving food cost. Although ready to serve as is, chefs can put their own twist on these products and easily customize them by basting with a flavored butter or sprinkling tops with different seasonings, sesame, or poppy seeds.

Let’s look at some of our fan favorites.

First up is the ubiquitous burger bun. Really, is there anything more all-American than the hamburger – dripping with cheese, topped with crisp lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes and pickles, served with a dollop of ketchup and mustard? But to hold all that deliciousness, the bun must be dense and sturdy enough to hold the burger as well as all the toppings and condiments.

Available in traditional white and wheat, as well as sesame seed, yellow, egg, sourdough, corn split, potato, and brioche varieties, Baker’s Source Hamburger Buns are baked with quality ingredients and perfect for holding the biggest burgers as well as towering deli sandwiches.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans eat an estimated 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Finding the perfect bun to carefully cradle your favorite foot long, plus all the delicious toppings, is easy. Available in different lengths and different flavors, including white, wheat and brioche, Baker’s Source Classic Hot Dog buns are made with quality sourced ingredients for a rich flavor and soft texture. Formulated to have a strong hinge, these buns are dense and sturdy, perfect for hot dogs, tuna salad, sausage, brats and more.

Baker’s Source Classic New England rolls are soft and fluffy on the inside with a light airy texture and made with unique ingredients and baking techniques to ensure minimum crumbling and breakage. These rolls are great for hot dogs, chicken and tuna salads, as well as lobster rolls – those beloved New England sandwiches, near and dear to many Yankee hearts.

Available in different sizes, both hinged and unsliced, Baker’s Source Hoagie Rolls are perfect for any cold or toasted sandwich, Philly cheesesteak, meatball sub or any other signature sub sandwiches. Rounding out the selection, Baker’s Source Kaiser Rolls feature the traditional five point Kaiser top cut and have a superior texture and flavor. They’re easy to fill and can handle the beefiest burgers and sandwiches piled high with savory meats, crisp veggies, and 186 condiments.

Sandwiches will always be an all-time favorite for both patrons and chefs alike. And no matter what delicious fillings you choose, Baker’s Source can provide the perfect bun with all the flavor, substance, and durability to allow operators to customize and create truly signature offerings.