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The Perfect Pair

A warm, juicy burger nestled between a soft bun, piled high with fresh produce and dripping with melted cheese. Hot, crispy French fries, dusted with just the right amount of salt. The delicious smells and textures of these iconic foods, along with a powerful combination of starch, salt and fat, create flavors and mouth feels that can be difficult to resist. Burgers and fries consistently rank among Americans’ favorite foods, and these classic favorites are popular year-round. Whether your establishment features traditional cheeseburgers or truly customized creations, burger and fry pairings can be highly profitable as part of your overall menu mix.

The first step to creating the perfect burger is to start with quality meat from Fire River Farms. Fire River Farms’ product assortment includes premade, ready to cook fresh beef patties that offer freshness, flavor, and consistency. These delicious products meet guest demands and ensure you can manage food costs and profit margins more effectively. With a tender, juicy texture and great flavor, our fresh ground beef exceeds best-in-class food safety with unmatched, industry-leading quality standards. For ultimate convenience, these patties are designed to be cooked directly from the packaging, saving time, reducing food waste, and allowing you to serve a deliciously consistent burger every time. In addition, Sysco offers a variety of different shapes, from the classic round shape that offers a traditional look to smashed or homestyle shapes that give a more handmade appearance, perfect for creating artisan-style burgers. 

Features and Benefit of Fresh Ground Beef Patties

· Saves time, labor, and the cost of equipment needed to grind in-house. 

· Sysco ground beef is available in a variety of lean points and pack sizes for application needs and ease of storage. 

· Sysco’s Quality Assurance program provides full product traceability in an uncompromised cold chain, so you can confidently serve the freshest and safest ground beef to your guests.  

While a burger and fries are a match made in food heaven, fries can also be paired with a variety of lunch and dinner offerings, or as an appetizer or small plate. Typically generating 70-90% profit per serving, fries are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase sales and bottom line growth.

Sysco Imperial offers a variety of French fry cuts that meet different operational needs. Within these fry cuts, you can further customize the guest experience with different appearance and taste profiles, including ultimate crisp, skin-on, clear coat phantom, and other value added fries. Whether you’re looking for a product that provides greater plate coverage, quicker cook times, more surface area to hold seasonings and toppings, or an extra-long hold time, Sysco offers a variety of products that will allow you to choose the fry that will best fit your concept and attract your target customer.  Click the links below to shop some of our most popular selections

Energizing a menu with a second or third fry offering has proven to add incremental sales & profits to the bottom line. As your trusted partner, our goal is to provide service and solutions to help you enhance guest satisfaction & increase profits!