Product Summary

Award Winning SAVRpak keeps your food fresh and crisps longer in to-go delivery options removing and trapping water condensation. SAVRpak packet Moisture-Removing Freshness pack is 100% foodeservice-safe as it is an FDA approved.

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizing the laws of thermodynamics, SAVRpak preserves the integrity of the food keeping it fresher and crisper longer.
  • SAVRpak works great on hot and cold foods as it removes excess water that deteriorates freshly cut fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, salads, french fries, pizza, and more.
  • The food-safe adhesive on this packet adheres on to-go packaging without interfering with BOH operations.
  • Easy to use, simply freeze, peel and stick.


SAVRpak works great with: